Success Stories


"I feel way more confident with my teeth and smile after getting braces. It was a very pleasant experience and although it took a year and a half I am very pleased with the outcome."


"I had a great time with braces. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My colors on my braces were amazing. Thank you for my amazing smile, I love it!"


"I am really excited about getting my braces off. I know that having braces was worth it because now I will have straight teeth! Thank you to everyone who has helped make my teeth perfect!"


"Dr. Kurth - A big thank you to you and your outstanding staff! You transformed my smile big time :-) Your diligent, caring and patient partnership throughout made this journey seem like a breeze. Hats off to your commitment to excellence. You and your staff have set a very high bar that other orthos would find hard to beat!"

-N. Vaidyanathan

"At first I thought getting braces would be a nightmare!!! But then I realized it wasn't that bad and the people at the office are really nice. At the end of it all paid off. Thank you!"

-Z Burgos

"After seeing my two children have successful experiences with Dr. Kurth, I decided it was my turn! Happy to (re)-straighten my lower aging teeth and look young again."


"My braces were simple and easy to manage, and it seems like only two few months ago that I got them on for the first time, yet now have straighter teeth than ever! Thank you!"

-J Flohr

"It is always such a delight to spend time at Dr. Kurth's office! The entire team is extremely friendly and always helpful!"

-B LaBelle