Complex Multidisciplinary Care in Foster City and Belmont, CA

As many people are living longer lives and looking for ways to reverse the effects of aging and improve their appearance, we as oral health professionals can play an important role in achieving these goals. Together with oral surgeons, periodontists, plastic surgeons, and restorative dentists, orthodontists like Dr. Kurth can address many of the aesthetic issues that concern our patients through a coordinated multidisciplinary team approach.

A multidisciplinary treatment approach is often indicated when multiple procedures may be necessary to achieve the desired outcome. An interdisciplinary team can consist of Dr. Kurth and different specialists such as:

  • General dentists
  • Prosthodontists (restorative dentist)
  • Periodontists (gum or implant dentist)
  • Endodontists (root canal dentist)

Often times, a general dentist or restorative dentist will help coordinate the treatment flow, though Dr. Kurth is more than happy to take on this role as well.

During treatment, Dr. Kurth will work closely with each specialist to ensure the highest standard of care and best possible treatment plan to achieve the desired goal of the patient.

Please be sure to discuss any questions you may have with our Foster City or Belmont orthodontic team. We are here to help you through a complex situation and guide you to the healthy, beautiful smile you desire.