Success Stories from Jacklyn Kurth Orthodontics in Foster City and Belmont, CA

“At first I thought getting braces would be a nightmare!!! But then I realized it wasn’t that bad and the people at the office are really nice. At the end of it all paid off. Thank you!”

– Anonymous

“After seeing my two children have successful experiences with Dr. Kurth, I decided it was my turn! Happy to (re)-straighten my lower aging teeth and look young again.”

– Anonymous

“My braces were simple and easy to manage, and it seems like only two few months ago that I got them on for the first time, yet now have straighter teeth than ever! Thank you!”

– Jessica

“It is always such a delight to spend time at Dr. Kurth’s office! The entire team is extremely friendly and always helpful!”

– Elizabeth

“From Angela G. Jacklyn Kurth Orthodontics has done a great job of providing safe care whether in person or virtual. I just completed my 2nd round of braces with them, my 1st round was a only a few years before at a clinic down the road, and the difference in care, expertise, and service is 1000% better! If you’re looking for an orthodontist for you or your kids, I highly recommend Dr. Kurth and her awesome team!”


“I have had nothing but great experience visiting Dr. Kurth and her staff. We have worked quite closely with Jennifer and she’s been fantastic with quick call back and getting answers to all our questions. My kids are most comfortable with them, which is the real value. They aren’t complaining and are in and out fairly quick. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great ortho and supporting staff!”

– Sangeeta

“This is the place to go for all things Invisalign, braces and overall teeth improvement. Finally it’s fun to take selfies again! And the service is outstanding.”

– Martin